Cats are evil,” Larry said under his breath as Felix pranced away with his tail high. Cats are finicky, but Felix takes finicky to another level. And Felix is up to something, Larry could feel it. He knew Felix was more than a cat, he has special powers. I know that sounds strange but cats do have special powers. When Larry least expected it Felix sprung the trap. He cast the magic spell turning Larry into the ideal human for Felix: a kind, gentle, loving human, one with female parts and a comfortable lap. Before long Larry changed his name to Lynnette. Felix is happier than he’s ever been. Felix never walks away from Lynnette with head and tail up. He takes a lap instead for his bed. Today Larry wants to take a selfie. Felix jumps right in and does his best photo bomb. Larry is all smiles with Felix. Now Felix wants him to get a boyfriend so they can have a family. And since Felix always gets what he wants…

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