A Magical Prom Night !!

You know, I never went to my high school prom. Or any dance in school actually. It’s not really something I regretted. But it is a fact I’m not exactly proud of or at least that was a fact of my old life. Back before things changed for me. I could give you a long story about how I changed. Or about how I use to be a guy or about how I had cancer and was told I had just months to live. Or about how I saved the life of a woman that turned out to be a ‘good witch’. Or about how once that ‘good witch’ found out I was dying, she decided to save my life.

Or about how her ‘saving’ my life was to transform me into the teenage daughter, and thus heir to her magic powers, that she never had. Instead, I’ll just say that I’m enjoying my new life. My ‘Mom and I get along great. I’m learning all sorts of stuff regarding magic that I never knew was possible. And strangely enough… I’m loving being a girl! On top of all of that, I now get to enjoy all the things I didn’t the first time around as a teenager. Such as my prom. Which considering my powers, promises to truly be a magical night!

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