Come on honey we got a long walk…don’t you slow down now. Those heels are tough to walk in but I am sure you will get used to it. Well, what do you think, Max honey? Didn’t auntie say that I could make you look like a very beautiful girl? I sure the hell did, didn’t I? Why don’t you say something, my pretty lady? Well my lovely, I got quite a few things from you, while I had you sleeping through all of this. So go ahead sweetie see if you can find all the things that auntie took from you. I’ll wait. Your voice? Yes, it is now very high and girlish. Your chest? They’re your new breasts. That’s an addition. From now on you’ll need a bra constantly! And now I want you to find out the subtractions, keep going. Yes, this your pantyhose. From now on you’ll wear pantyhose every day. Ah, there you go darling, between your legs. Oh, that useless little worm and those little berries are long gone.

You’ll never be able to be a real boy ever again sweetest. You’re just about all-girl hormonally by now anyway as you were purposely kept hypnotically unaware for quite a few months. So on what else is missing? No? Can’t find it? Well, I’ll tell you, Melissa. It’s your old boy hair. Gone, never to return. No more beard, chest, arm, or leg hair to soil your baby soft clear feminine skin. Now, the structure of your body. Your muscles are gone forever. Their place was taken by a female fat. You will always be a weak woman. But do not worry, my dear, weak woman must be protected by a strong man. And you have such a man! This is my younger brother, Steve. He can not wait to see his little wife …”

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