My girlfriend got bored one night and decided to use me as her living Barbie Doll. At first, I pretended to resist. I loved the idea but did not want her to think I was gay. After a while, I got into and started helping her in any way I could. A few hours later, I was done and I looked amazingly hot as a chick. She was actually pretty upset with me that I turned out so good. She tried to rationalize what she was seeing, but I reveled in the fact I that I looked better than she did. Those words were something I should have kept to myself. She got so mad at me for telling her I was hotter than she could ever be, that she threw me out of the house dressed as I was. I had no ID, keys, or a phone on me in this tight little outfit. It was definitely a long walk home, and I knew that I would have some explaining to do when I got home and had to be let in. But truthfully, it was all worth it. I do look good.

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