What started out as a fundraiser for breast cancer research has become a life-changing event for David. It was a simple task; Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. All the men at the firm would wear heels for one day at work; while getting pledge money. For every 15 minutes, they would stay in heels; each sponsor would donate $2 and if the candidate made it all 8 hours without taking his heels off, the sponsor would donate $75. Between family and friends, David had18 sponsors and he was the only one to make it all 8 hours. The next day David walks in the office still wearing his heels with a check for $1,350. Everyone was surprised to see this and informed him that he did not have to wear the shoes any longer but said that he loved how they felt yesterday so he decided to wear them again today.

The next day he came in but was wearing a different pair of heels and his co-workers noticed that he had manicured hands; some even said they smelt a scent of woman’s perfume. Over the weekend, his co-workers sent numerous texts and emails to each other wondering if David was having a mid-life crisis and wondered what he would wear on Monday. When he walked into that office building on Monday morning, he turned every head. He just calmly walked to his desk and went about his day. About lunchtime, Ben came to David’s office. “Hey, um, would you like to go out to lunch with me; I know this great little restaurant. It is in the hotel around the corner.” David turned in his chair and said: “Only if we make it a long lunch, I get hungry after making out”. With that, he stood up grabbed his purse, and then held onto Ben’s arm as they walked out. The two were not seen for the rest of the day.

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