“Oh, get real!” I exclaimed, sitting up on Anya’s bed
“Yeah right,” Anya shrugged, “I’m just saying that he might appreciate it if you checked in.” She said, throwing an outfit on the bed
“And you don’t think that this,” I said gesturing to my body “Is going to raise questions?”
Anya giggled, “Well maybe just text him”
“Hey dad, sorry I haven’t spoken to you since mom died. Life has been good, other than the lab accident. Oh, and by the way dad, I have boobs and a vagina now but don’t worry, your new daughter has already been deflowered. A few times actually! As it turns out I love to dress up in sexy pink lingerie and wait for my man in bed” I said laughing much harder.
Anya was trying to hold back the laughter, “l wouldn’t word it that way.”
“I don’t want to think about this tonight, I just want to have a nice date night with Matt,” I said, standing up.
Still, though, the thought lingered with me; whether or not Anya was right about reaching out to my father. But if he wouldn’t step up to the plate for his son, why would he for his daughter.

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