It’s not so bad. When I was first offered this “job,”Ibthought it sounded ridiculous. Perhaps even a little offensive. So just ’cause I am Asian you think I am going to look good as some sort of ladyboy? Butbnow that I’ve gotten accustomed to the clothes and the brutally intense beauty regiment,I can see the good side. I am earning a decent amount of dough doing nothing but watching TV series and chillaxing. The ideal life for a young bachelor like myself.So yeah, I guess I can’t deny that I am one of those Asian guys who does look good dolled up as a lady. I’ve not been called directly feminine before, but I also haven’t been called manly. I am perpetually boyish, even though I was approaching thirty.

When I was asked to act the role of some rich guy’s exotic Asian wife I was rightly offended. It was a real big blow to my confidence as a man,let me tell ya. But hey, money is money, and I don’t have any weird contractual obligations I must oblige to. My “husband” is old and frail, and though it sounds heartless I am expecting him to die in a few years. Then I’lI have a bank account full of cash. I mean, it’s not like everyone must know where that money came from.Also, thankfully the old man doesn’t want to touch me. He just likes to watch… which is a little weird but much more preferable to touching another man. He even likes it when I don’t pay attention to him. He might be staring at me wildly as I am watching Netflix. Or watch me cook. Or take a shower. I guess if you’re some rich weirdo you can get whatever you want.Even if that’s a mostly bored ladyboy to oogle at.

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