“I can’t believe you actually convinced me to do this,” Tom said still impressed by the results of his sister’s efforts on disguising him.
“Well, you were the one saying that would do anything to get a good job, weren’t you?”
“Yes, but, this?” he uttered as he passed his hands over his waist feeling the hidden corset that gave him a feminine hourglass shape. “Or these?” he said as he grabbed the orbs attached to his chest. “You even go as far as putting me individual tress extensions. Isn’t that too much?”

“It can’t be helped,” Tom’s sister stated. “You need to look gorgeous to get the job. And remember that it pays twenty-five bucks per hour.”
Tom gulped once again as he processed that fact.
“Anyway, lets say that somehow I do get the job somehow. How am I going to maintain the masquerade for enough time to actually see any benefit?”
“Tommy… Tammy, believe me, if you do get the job, you won’t even need my help as you begin to actually perceive the benefits of being a sexy woman even before you get your first paycheck.”

“You can say so, but the fact is that there’s no way in Northway that I could actually pass as a woman.”
“Tammy, just breathe deeply and trust me. Be cool and you’ll get it.”
“Fine, but if I fail and they laughed at me you will owe me big.”
“Ok, but if you get the place, we will spend some quality sister weekends as sisters.”
“It’s a deal.”

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