A Hopeless Wish !!

Damien had made a trip down to Glam Con, a convention featuring glamour models and photography. Being a photographer himself, he decided he couldn’t miss out on meeting his favorite models. If he was lucky, he may even strike up a deal to do a shoot with one of them. Or two. Or three or four. And so he got autographs and chat with Lorena Walker. She turned him down. Then he did the same with Jeanette Myers. Turned down again. Lynda Little would surely be interested. Nope. Dixie McBride, surely… No. Billie Castro…Sonia Campbell…‘l’lna Jordan… No, no, and no.

He groaned in frustration. Why weren’t any of them interested? He thought it over as he used the bathroom. Maybe they all had busy schedules. Or maybe they didn’t trust him. He sighed, flushing the urinal. Washing his hands, Damien stared at his reflection in the mirror above the sink. He chuckled, getting a funny thought in his head.

“I wish I could be the model I was looking for.”

Consider it granted!” spoke an old gruff voice from one of the stalls.


Before Damien could ask who was there, he was surrounded by swirling sparkles of light. In an instant, he vanished from the men’s’ bathroom and found himself seated at a table on the convention floor. Staring down at himself, Damien realized he now had the body of a busty woman wearing a pink corset and black skirt with black three-inch pumps. There were pictures and signs

of herself: Dee Dee Douglas.

I love your work, Dee Dee.” approached a fan.

Ooo, thank you!” Dee Dee found herself giving an air-headed smile. You know, I do some photography. Maybe you could get in touch with me sometime.” he handed her his card.

oh, gee, I already have a photographer I enjoy working with.”

Oh, well, give me a call if they’re not available.” he left, disappointed.

Was that what she came off as before? She felt so embarrassed. But maybe now her favorite models wouldn’t mind doing a shoot alongside her?

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