Jerry stood in front of the mirror and checked his reflection. His long hair  suited him well with the hot black dress. His smooth legs were very shapely and looked perfect in the high-heeled strappy shoes he was wearing. If he didn’t know better he would have thought he was a woman too. Behind him his wife Sabrina watched her husband preening and posing in front of the mirror while applying lipstick. When she found out that Jerry liked reading TG Captions she didn’t say anything to him about it because she realized it was a golden opportunity. She instead suggested to Jerry that he would look good as a woman last week and he had laughed it off but Sabrina always got her way and she soon had him in panties and fully feminized. Even she had to admit to herself that the results were better than she expected. Her meek husband really did look better as a woman. Sabrina smiled to herself, all she had to do now was convince him to sign over the business to her name and that shouldn’t be too hard. After all, if he didn’t she would show some of his friends the video from the hidden camera that was filming him right now…

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