Calvin wasn’t the neatest or cleanest person. so when his wife Vanessa gave him a white cleaning cloth for Christmas, he felt a little insulted. However, there was more to this cloth. Vanessa told Calvin that it was magical and could clean up any mess no matter how big. To convince him, Vanessa used it to clean up the beer Calvin spilled on the carpet earlier. Calvin was amazed to see the carpet no longer had a stain in it. In addition to the necklace Calvin gave Vanessa, he would use his new gift to clean up around the house. While Vanessa watched the TV in one room. Calvin was in every other room cleaning with the magical cloth. Before he knew it the house was clean of dust, dirt. stains. and just about every other kind of mess. After all that. the cloth itself was still clean as well. Calvin noticed he was a bit dirty himself. Getting a spot of dirt off his pants. he noticed the material changed.

Curious. he continued to clean himself off. Before he knew it he found his lower body wearing feminine undergarments with skimpy red outfit and black bra. Calvin freaked. What happened? The cloth changed his clothing below the waist and he couldn’t stop himself at all! In a panic. the cloth against his head and long brunette hair grew out. Calvin was compelled to “clean off” the rest of himself. Within moments Calvin found himself with the body of a sexy woman. Not feeling satisfied with his breasts. Calvin moved the cluster across his chest a few dozen times until they grew to his approval. Realizing he forgot to clean the bookcase. Calvin stepped over to it and hummed. Hearing footsteps. The new woman known as Chelsea turned her head to see Vanessa dressed in revealing lingerie as well. It appeared that they both had another gift to give to each other.

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