Even after being unemployed for 6 weeks and behind on his rent, Kenny never missed a chance to dress as Kendra. While getting ready as Kendra, he never heard Mr. Roper knocking on the door; he was there to collect the last two months rent. Seeing the light on in the hallway, Mr. Roper saw movement in the back, thinking Kenny was trying to avoid paying rent, he used his key and opened the front door; just then Kendra walks out of the bathroom.

I see we have money to buy women’s clothes but not enough to pay rent?!” said Mr. Roper.

I can explain I will have your rent next week.” said Kenny.

“Rent was due at the first of the month and here it is the 19th. Either you pay me the last two months rent plus next month’s or you will be out of here by the weekend.”

Kenny walked toward Mr. Roper and stood  in front of him. “I am sure we can come to an arrangement.” He passionately starts kissing him; Mr. Roper does not stop him. Mr. Roper just stood there and let Kenny work his magic.

Kenny you don’t have to worry about rent anymore. In fact here is an extra $200, go buy yourself something nice to wear. I will be back the same time tomorrow and the same time the day after that and so on. And on Wednesdays will be hump days. Do you understand Kenny?”

*slurp* “Yes Mr. Roper but don’t call me Kenny, my name is Kendra.”

“OK Kendra, less talk and more suck!”

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