All their lives, Lars and Peter dreamed of getting into the Playboy Mansion for a night they would never forget. So imagine their surprise when they saw an advertisement on TV for a free trip into the Playboy mansion! They immediately jumped at the opportunity and showed up at the listed location where they could earn their way onto the list. Lars and Peter were surprised to find that the vendor of their tickets to paradise was a salon owner downtown named Sheila, but they were too eager to care. “Are you sure you’re willing to do whatever I ask to get in?” Sheila asked, providing the two men contracts to sign. Lars and Peter quickly nodded and signed the documents, to which Sheila smiled and said, “Alright…take a seat in those chairs…we need to get you ready.” Later that night, Lars and Peter were finally in…but not as they expected! They were now dressed as sexily as the playmates they envisioned, complete with slinky dresses, heavy makeup with pink and blue wigs. Although extremely uncomfortable in their corsets and platform heels, they didn’t look out of place since the clientele at the event seemed to be glamorous drag queens and elegant female impersonators. They realized their mistake when they saw the banner above the door-“Welcome to tryouts for the Playboy Mansion, the new hottest venue for the kinkiest queens and tgirls out there!” Lars and Peter began looking for an exit when the loudspeaker boomed through the house- “Lavander and Pearl please report to the master chamber for your oral and anal assessment.” Suddenly all eyes in the crowd turned to the two feminized men…who suddenly realized that they would be expected to live up to their new names.

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