A Dramatic Lesson !!

“Please, don’t talk to me. Don’t even look at me,” l Heath said apologetically to his Aunt Jessica as he sat in her body, waiting with her for his dad to come back from the lab. Heath’s father had always told him to never play with his equipment, and this had been a dramatic lesson for him. For a long time now, Heath had had developed a secret crush on his Aunt Jessica. As his mom’s younger adopted sister, her non-blood relation had only enhanced what was clearly a forbidden sexual interest. She had happened to be on his mind when he was tinkering with his father’s machines, and all of a sudden, he found himself in her house, terrified to discover that he and somehow become her! In panic, Heath returned to his own home, nauseous from the drastic differences of his body and the feeling of the clothing he now wore. When he arrived he was met by his own body, which his Aunt Jessica now clearly possessed.

She seemed even more upset than Heath, and ushered him in to speak to his father about what he had done. With great embarrassment, Heath explained and tried to convince his father of what had happened. Upset and very suspicious that his sister-in-law and his son were playing some sort of sick trick on him, he still went to his lab to determine if anything was amiss. Then Heath and his Aunt Jessica were left alone, which was when the tidal wave of shame came over him.In hour or so later, his father had returned home. With a solemn tone he explained that what had happened was an unexplainable anomaly- no one at the lab could explain how it happened, or how it could happen again. “I’m afraid you two may be stuck like this,” he finally said in exasperation. With that, Heath turned back to look at his Aunt in his own body, who was now clearly panicking. He was completely speechless, overcome with a guilt that he wouldn’t soon forget.


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