She empties his head and fills it with something better. Sharon sighed as her husband Jeremy scratched his blonde head.

“Do you really not remember where you put the car keys?” she asked. Jeremy gave an embarrassed giggle.
“I’m sorry Sharon, I was doing my hair and now I don’t remember,” he squeaked.
“Are those my jeans you are wearing?” Sharon demanded.

“Yes, I didn’t think you’d mind.”Sharon sighed again. Feminizing her husband could be very frustrating at times. She liked the way things were progressing and Jeremy really did look like a cute blonde. His blond hair flowed over his shoulders and his enormous bust was bursting out of the white shirt he was wearing together with her tight blue jeans. However, the more she feminized him the more of a blonde bimbo he seemed to become. He was always forgetting things and not remembering what he was doing unless it had something to do with fashion. However, Sharon was prepared to suffer. The more she emptied his head and filled it with fashion the more control she was getting over his financial empire. Eventually, she would have it all and when she did, perhaps she would even keep Jeremy on as a housemaid…

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