“Wow, Mabel has a killer figure,” Felix said, admiring his new body. Felix recently graduated from college and was able to find a job as a teacher right away. Because of this, he didn’t see that he would have to start off as the instructor for Swap Class. Felix had only heard rumors about this class and wished he would’ve been able to take it when he was in school. Now, as an instructor, he’d be watching from the sidelines, instructing the kids about what the course really meant. Felix would find out that he would be participating, as his class had an uneven number of students. Felix would end up in the body of Mabel, a nerdy girl, who always wore sweaters and other types of clothing that cover herself up. “Huh, so these were what you were hiding in those sweaters,” Felix said, grabbing his rather large boobs.

Mabel was very happy, mostly because she developed a crush on Felix, and was excited to spend time in his body. Meanwhile, Felix would have to learn to adapt to his new form, and quickly realized why Mabel dressed so conservatively. Guys kept staring at his body all day, mostly because he decided to wear a nice dress to work. Mabel recommended he wear a sweater like she usually does, but Felix wanted Mabel to feel confident about her body. He realized that Mabel covered herself up because she didn’t want guys to think of her as just a hot girl, but she wanted people to see her intelligence as well. Felix decided to dress up in the hottest of clothes and showed up at college. All the guys in the college followed him like sheep. One thing led to another and Felix somehow ended up making out with one of the boys. Maybe Mabel was right about the clothes after all.


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