A Daughter Now !!

It’s been months now since Jordan’s step mother finished the final phase of his feminization and had him living full time as Julie. She sat looking down admiring how pretty her toes looked since and Ellen spent the afternoon. This morning they were off to the new mall recently opened on the other side of the city. Ellen says she needs lots of pretty new dresses like the one she’s wearing.She wants her to look perfect in her new job as the receptionist at Ellen’s law firm’s office. Julie is very happy that her mother accepts her in her new role as a daughter. She was such a failure as a son. She’s even getting her dad to accept her. It’s been hard for him but it’s better than all the trouble and expense he used to go through every time he had to bail Jordan out of some fix he’d gotten himself into. She’s just glad that Ellen took her to that therapist that helped her to work through the issues she had. Ellen had started the CD’s more than 18 months ago after convincing her husband that Jordan’s self destructive behavior would continue to get worse unless they took action to stop it. Donald finally went along after the last run in with the police.The beauty of the subliminal CD’s is that Jordan thinks becoming Julie is all his idea. Julie thinks the world of Ellen for supporting her.
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