Rick was in panic mode. There was no hiding what he had done to himself anymore. His face was much too feminine and his breasts were too large cover up with only baggy close. Rick tried to tape them down however it only made him look like a flat chested girl. For the past three months, he had been stealing from his mother’s prescription of estrogen supplements. He never felt completely comfortable in his own body and felt as though he was a woman in a man’s body. His body had thinned out considerably leaving him with a thin waist and wide hips. His face, which he didn’t need to shave much at all, was now completely soft and hairless and complete with full feminine facial features. Rick’s legs and ass looked very much like a woman’s and on a recent shopping trip, he found it impossible to find a pair of men’s pants that fit his new figure. His new jeans were from the women’s department and fit snug against his crotch while making his legs look longer and butt look rounder. His mother would be going out of town for the next week and it was time for Rick to face the music. Once she left, Rick went out to the store and bought his new wardrobe; few bras for his new chest and a couple cute tee shirts. Rick even picked up a dress. When his mother comes home, she will be greeted by her new daughter Rachael. Rick had pushed his body to the limits and from this point on there would be no turning back.

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