Tony sat on the edge of the bathroom sliding razor over his legs. They were now smooth and hairless and really did look very feminine. Outside he could hear the girls laughing at him but he couldn’t make out what they were saying. ‘How on earth did I get myself into this?’ he asked himself as he reached for the stockings he was to wear. Tony’s hands were shaking as he rolled the first stocking up his leg. ‘What was I thinking’ he thought. It was a good question indeed. What had he been thinking when he sneaked into the girls’ apartment to try and steal a pair of panties. Now that he thought about it, it was crazy to risk so much for the sake of a pair of panties, but it was too late now. Now he was in more trouble than he could ever have imagined. In his mind he went over the moment of discovery, the girls catching him in their apartment with his hands in the panty drawer. He blushed despite himself, remembering the fear he had felt at first, then he realized that the girls weren’t going call the police, and then the disbelief as they began to meet out their own punishment.

As the soft nylon slid over his smooth skin Tony was distracted and found himself wondering at just how good it felt. He pulled the stocking into place and tried the second, again enjoying the new feeling of soft nylons against his skin. Then he reached for the high-heeled shoes and he was brought back to reality. The girls had forced him to dress as a girl, putting him in panties, a corset, and heels. They had wanted to put the stockings on him as well but they had complained his legs were to hairy for a girl and sent him to shave them himself in the bathroom. Now they were eagerly waiting for his return. Tony puts on the heels and pulled up one of the stockings that had slid down. He still couldn’t believe it was happening yet it was. He was about to parade himself in front of three young women and all because he wanted to see what panties they liked. Now he knew exactly knew what they liked because he was wearing a pair. He wobbled over to the door of the bathroom and stepped out into the room beyond where he was met by shrieks of delight from the waiting girls…

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