A Choice !!

Rob was the son of recently deceased Rob Sr., one of the senior partners at the firm, and as such had access to insider information about the firm’s financial assets. For years now he has been embezzling money from the company’s account but his transgressions were about to catch up with him. It wasn’t until Rob decided to have an affair with one of the partner’s wives Cheryl did his house of cards come tumbling down. When he decided he no longer wanted to see her, she didn’t take it well. Cheryl asked her husband and senior partner Tom to fire him, but he refused on the grounds that he had done nothing wrong. Cheryl urged him to dig deep- even something small could be blown out of proportion. Tom reluctantly agreed and did a little searching, which was when he discovered a disturbing trend between Rob Jr.’s tax forms and one of the company’s general accounts.

Rob had been stealing money- and a lot of it. When Tom demanded that Cheryl explain to him why she had sniffed Rob out, she reluctantly admitted to their affair. Tom was furious. Initially he had wanted to put Rob in jail for a very long time- but then he had a better idea. Rob was presented with a choice: go to prison for the next years, or stay at the firm with a few undisclosed “changes”. Knowing that he wouldn’t survive prison, Rob mercifully accepted the second option… and was then informed that he would become Tom’s new secretary Rebecca. He would have a strict dress code, strict hours, and should he ever miss a day, it was off to prison without a second thought. It didn’t take long for Rob to realize that he had been given a prison sentence either way- one was brick and steel, the other skirts and heels. Three months in, Rob Jr. still wondered which prison was worse. His plan now was to just wait for Tom to die- but at the ripe age of 60, that could be decades from now.


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