Lukas walked along the sidewalk carefully taking each step since walking in heels was not an easy task. He swapped bodies with his sister just like they did a few times earlier so Lukas could help her with an important client. Since Lukas had a better approach to people and was more charismatic, he had been swapping bodies with his sister Megan from time to time using a pair of magical rings. Just like always he was able to get her a new client meaning Megan will get a rise at work.

When Lukas came to the place where his sister was supposed to pick him up, he noticed she wasn’t there. Lukas decided to wait patiently but the time was passing and there was still no sight of Megan. Worse she wasn’t picking up her phone which made him worry. He heard sirens in the distance but he didn’t suspect something terrible might happen. Getting impatient Lukas decided to walk on foot.

As he reached to the bridge, he saw fire trucks, police and ambulance. There seemed to be a car in the river so Lukas came closer to have a look. Suddenly terror ran over his mind as he recognized the car as his own. Lukas ran up to the accident site where he was stopped by the police officer. Screaming and crying Lukas demanded information. Unfortunately, his sister had an accident and fell to the river. By now she was probably dead. Lukas was devastated. Not only he lost his sister but also his body and life. His body was never found as well as the rings that swapped them. Lukas had no other choice but to live as a woman for the rest of his life.

With time the mourning was over and Lukas begin a long process of adapting to his sister’s body. It was hard since every time he looked into the mirror he saw his sister’s face and it kept reminding him of that horrible accident. He was still feeling grief over his loss but life goes on.

After a few months Lukas got used to having a woman’s body. He also started to behave like a woman and see this body as his own. He was walking perfectly in heels, he was wearing dresses and skirts and he begin to care more about his looks. After a year Lukas reached the point where he started dating a man from his work.

Few years later Lukas got a letter. It appears his sister is alive and faked her death so she could keep a man’s body. However, after those years she started to feel bad about trapping her brother in her body so she attached the rings to the letter so If Lukas wanted a male body again, he could swap with someone. Lukas pondered for a moment. A few years earlier he might be tempted but so many things happened since then. He fell in love, he got married and give birth to two daughters. So far Lukas liked being a woman so he threw the rings to the trash bin getting rid of the them once and for all.


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