Aidan’s parents were going on tour around summer which meant he had been sent to live with his rich aunt while they were away. Aidan never really got along with his aunt but he figured “it shouldn’t be too bad, what’s the worst that could happen? When he finally arrived, he realized how rich she really was. A gigantic front garden only left him in curiosity of how large the back garden was. Inside was like a palace, but what really caught his attention were the female maids cleaning and dusting. His aunt made them all wear sexy french maid outfits. Aidan was beginning to think this wasn’t such a bad idea coming here after all. That’s when he saw her… Mélanie, one of the housemaids. She was the most beautiful, breathtaking creature he ever laid eyes on. Perfect body and assets. Aidan felt a connection between them right away and immediately started flirting with her as she flirted back. It didn’t take long for Aidan and Mélanie to make out on his bed. But to his horror, Aidan’s aunt had come to check on him to see if he was setting in okay. As soon as she walked into the bedroom, her jaw dropped in shock before she boiled over in anger. “You two! Stop right now!” She shouted. “Aunt! It’s not what t looks like!” But this was one situation Aidan could not talk his way out of. Straight away Mélanie was fired and his aunt was short of a maid. He needed to punish Aidan at the same time and came up with a brilliant plan after having a day to think about it.

spiked Aidan’s drink at dinner and he awoke in the maids quarters the next day but something didn’t feel right. He felt the extra weight on the top of his head. That was the wig that had been glued on. Just then the head maid strutted into the room and explained everything. “You are to become the replacement maid for the summer while your aunt looks for another.” Just then all the other maids walked in and dragged Aidan into the dressing room to get him ready for his first day as Adrienne. He received a makeover and a whole new maids uniform which he resented. He was so confused and dazed that he didn’t even notice the shaved and smooth skin all over his body. “The high heels and revealing skirt will take some time getting used to Adrienne” Her first task was to prepare breakfast for her aunt and take it to her room. That’s where Aidan thought he had a chance to explain himself and get out of this whole mess. “I’m not being a maid aunt, no matter what you say!” “Oh yes, you will! This is your new job for the summer, and if you don’t like it then you can always live on the streets for the next two months!” Aidan knew he didn’t have a choice in this one. He reluctantly agreed to be her maid for the rest of the summer and reported to the head maid for her next task in defeat.

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