It was weird. I should have hated Dan for what he did to me. I really should have. But, as I sat there waiting for Mike to pick me up for our big date, I actually felt a little grateful…

I suppose some explanation is in order. Believe it or not, about a year ago, I was actually a man named Marv. And there was this girl, Shelly, who I decided to ask out on a date. Actually, we ended up going on several dates. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t see my relationship with Shelly going anywhere. She was hot and an animal in the bedroom, but she was also sort of a self-absorbed bitch a lot of the time.

What I didn’t know at the time was that my best friend, Dan, had a thing for Shelly. He desperately wanted to get me out of the way so he could have her for herself. I don’t know how much digging it took or what he had to give to pull it off, but eventually, he managed to get ahold of an honest-to-God magic spell! It was a transformation spell, which he promptly used to transform me from “Marv” into “Mary.” As a woman and a completely heterosexual one at that, I was no longer any sort of competition in Dan’s pursuit of Shelly.

Getting used to being a woman, not to mention dealing with the betrayal by my best friend, was a lot for me to deal with. Thankfully another friend of ours, Mike, happened to be there when Dan cast the spell. That meant he remembered my being Marv, unlike the rest of the world which only remembered Mary. He was pretty much 100% of my moral support those first few weeks, and he had to put up with quite a bit of crying and screaming and ranting and all sorts of other drama from me. And thankfully, put up with it all he did.

As I began to become more comfortable with my newfound womanhood, I began to realize that I was developing feelings for Mike. I thought after everything I’d put him through that there was no way he’d feel the same way about me. I guess I was wrong about that because, after one evening where I made him dinner as a sort of thank you for putting up with me, he actually kissed me!

Mike and I began dating after that, and I have to tell you, I’ve never been happier with another person my entire life! I guess Mike must have felt the same because just a few weeks ago, he actually proposed to me! Of course, I accepted, and now Mike and I are pretty busy planning our impending wedding. Of course, we’re still sure to make time to just go out and be a couple still, as we’re doing tonight!

I guess all that is why I can’t be mad at Dan. I’m just so happy now, and none of it would be possible if I was still Marv. I may even end up inviting him to the wedding, assuming Shelly will let him go. From what I hear, she pretty much controls his life these days. Oh well, I hope they’re very happy together!


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