Clarissa was desperately trying to think of something that would make her all-girls Easter party a memorable event. Each year a different one of the girls would host the party and they always tried to out-do each other by finding something unique to make the event special. This year it was Clarissa’s turn and in a moment of inspiration, she knew just what to do. When the rest of the girls arrived they were all in good spirits and before long everyone was in the party mood. At last, it was time to give out the Easter eggs and Clarissa was ready for her big surprise. As all the girls waited in anticipation the door to the room opened and in walked Clarissa’s boyfriend Alex, dressed as a cute Easter bunny complete with pink ears and sexy pink outfit. The girls went wild with delight as Clarissa explained that Alex was completely hypnotized and had no idea what he was doing. The girls all agreed it was a splendid idea and made sure that Alex distributed eggs in a basket to each and every one of the girls. All night long they played with their bunny-boy without him knowing a thing. The following morning Alex woke up in his own bed after what felt like a good night’s sleep. However, he couldn’t understand why his legs and chest were shaved, and he had pinch marks all over his bottom.


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