This was the price Andrew had to pay for ruining the wedding between his sister, Courtney and her fiancé Jay. Andrew still kept in contact with Courtney’s ex-husband, Dave on Facebook. Dave was still very much in love with Courtney. Dave asked Andrew if he could help get Courtney alone before the wedding so he could try and win her back. Andrew distracted the bridesmaids and got Dave to see her. It took only 10 minutes and Courtney had left with Dave. Jay was furious; he had spent over $8,000 for the wedding; plus buying Courtney’s dress. He aisle, say ‘I do’, give him a kiss and live happily ever after. A consensus among the wedding party was that Andrew should wear the dress and get married; since he was the one to ruin it in the first place. All the bridesmaids were more than willing to do Andrew’s makeup and get him into his wedding attire. With some help from the groomsmen, Andrew walked down that aisle, was forced to say ‘I do’, then Jay gave Andrew a kiss – there wedding was official. During the reception, Andrew was in a daze; even though he was getting all the attention he did not speak that much. Jay took Andrew to a private room. Jay told him, he knew what would make him feel more ladylike. Jay bent Andrew over a table, lifted his dress and consummated their wedding at the reception hall. Andrew has been a devoted wife for the past 12 years.

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