A Bad Revenge Idea !!

“Oh my God! Candice, what’s the meaning of this? I thought you were going to show how you were going to take revenge on our cheating husbands. Instead, you bring me to this seedy apartment, where those two homewrecking harlots are lezzing off?”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Emily. You see, those two trollops are actually…”

“…will you two girls STOP THAT?”

“They can’t hear you, Emily, they’ve been at it for hours. And they aren’t those two floozies who stole our men…they ARE our men!”

Wh-what? That’s Max and Dave?”

“Yup. Your Max is now the spitting image of that fancy nail technician my Dave shacked up with…and my hubby is now an exact replica of that shameless receptionist your hubbie cheated on you with.

“Wait. Don’t get me wrong, it brings a smile of my face to think of their worthless balls going in the bin where they belong, but explain to me how this is punishment? They’re getting to have 24/7 romance with a clone of their adulteress…and by the looks of things they’re loving it!”

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