Dressing Up !!

caught tg captions

Sylvia caught me dressing up in her things, wearing her panties and bra. She was mad at first of course, but a few days later she told me that if I was going to dress up as a girl, she was going to help me do it right, She gave me a special bra to put on, and I was so happy that she was okay with me dressing up! But as soon as I put it on, I knew something was wrong. I’d worn a bra before, and stuffed it full to make it look like I had boobs. But this bra was magic. I could feel breasts starting to develop on my chest, filling out the bra, growing larger by the second! I tried to take it off, but I couldn’t.

Within moments, I had a nice full rack. *Real* breasts, on me! I was too stunned to even think, as Sylvia pulled the panties on me too. I felt myself getting shorter, as I developed curves, and the bulge under my panties flattened out, as my manhood transformed into a womanhood. Now I’m a girl too, just like Sylvia. She says I’m going to stay this way unless she decides that I can go back. She wants me to be her lover still, so now I’m forced to become a lesbian…

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