Flying High !!

accident magic tg captions tricked

Troy Hunter always wanted to be a pilot, so no one was surprised when he joined the Air Force after college. Within just ten years he was NASA’s top test pilot. Which was why he was the first man to fly the experimental hypersonic jet in 2020. He still doesn’t know if it was the speed or the high altitude cosmic radiation that caused the accident, but one minute he was flying at MACH 7, the next he was waking up in the body of a 25-year-old woman named Sylvia Teasdale in 1970!

He knew there was no way back, and resigned himself to his new life as Sylvia. He had to keep flying though, but his chances of getting a pilot’s license as were limited, so he did the next best thing. Now Sylvia is a stewardess with Sunshine Air and she gets to fly across the world. It isn’t anywhere near as exciting as being a test pilot, but a steady stream of handsome pilots and passengers helps. Turns out Troy’s experience handling a joystick is quite helpful now that he’s Sylvia!

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