Kimberly grew up in a house without a mother; only a dad and six brothers. She never had chance to talk anyone about ‘female’ problems. She had to figure it out on her own. Andrew grew up in a house without a father; only a mom and five sisters. By the time he was 10, he knew more about the female body than most gynecologists. The two began dating about a month ago, it came out that Kim never knew what it was like to have a sister. Andrew decided to surprise Kim one evening. While she waited for him in the living room, Andrew walked down the hallway. All Kim could hear was the click-click of heels. Andrew stood there wearing a mini white dress, strappy heels, legs shaved and nail manicured.

I wanted to give you the sister you never had” said Andrew. “Having 5 sisters, I have learned to love being a woman. I know how to do things that will make a man worship the ground you walk on. Now, why don’t you call one or two of your brothers? And I have a cousin that I think would be perfect for you.”


Billy was out fishing by the lake as usual. It was one of his biggest hobbies, something he would do every day. It was early morning when he was out by the shore, standing in the shallow end of the water in his usual fishing gear, preparing his boat. The entire place was empty. “Ah, more fish for me to catch then!” He muttered to himself jokingly. But all of a sudden, he heard a strange buzzing noise get louder and louder. He looked up to see in amazement a UFO hover directly over him. “Holy shit!” Is all he could say in shock. And just like that a green teleportation beam locked onto Billy and zapped him up into the ship before it Hew away. “Argh! Help! What do you want with me?” Billy screamed in terror as he was locked in a strange see-through tube. He gazed around to see high tech machinery and chrome interior. He couldn’t believe this was happening. That’s when he saw the alien life forms enter the room, speaking a foreign alien dialect. Billy was too afraid to say anything, but he was more speechless at the fact that this was really happening to him. Then as the aliens pushed away at a few buttons, Billy began to feel strange. His hair grew long and blonde, and at the same time all his body and facial hair vanished along with his Adam’s apple. All his clothes were stripped so he could see for himself the changes his body was going through as he lost a lot of muscle in his arms and legs, his ass and thighs grew larger and fatter, an hourglass figure appeared as his stomach and waist contracted and a pair of boobs grew from his chest. “W…What’s happening to me?’ Billy stuttered in disbelief as he felt his voice change into a higher pitch. Then his face was covered up in makeup as his nails were painted pink. “No! My manhood”‘ He shouted. And before being placed back down in the same spot as last time, just at the shore of the lake, he was given suitable replacement clothing such as a white panties and bra. The question was how was he ever going to explain all this. No one would ever believe him and he knew that. It looks like the aliens experiment was a success. They tested to see if they could change the gender of a human being, and now they can, who knows what their plan is next.


“Oh my God, your date is going to love it” said Mark’s mom, tears welling up in her eyes “You look perfect”

Mom stop it” Mark said from his perfectly made up body “You’re making me blush! Mark, like the rest of the world, had been a victim of the global phenomenon that had come to be known as the Great Shift. Mark had been lucky as he shifted into his healthy and attractive neighbor.

However, in the following couple of weeks, Mark didn’t see it like that, he had lost 12 years of his life, his life was over! That all changed when Mark had to take his first shower in his new body, the new sensations of the water hitting his naked body was mind-blowing.

In the next few months, Mark had learnt to accept the change and, with the help of his mom who had shifted into his former girlfriend.

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Steven was the type of guy who thought women shouldn’t have any rights and that they should only be seen, not heard. He only laughed whenever he would see women’s right groups protesting or going on marches. “What a bunch of overdramatic bitches. They are probably on their periods!” But one of the women from the parade heard that comment, and she would make sure Steven would regret saying that. The next day Steven was driving his car as usual when he found that he couldn’t break as he drove down a hill at high speed. “Oh shit, someone cut my breaks!” And just like that he was left in a terrible car accident that deformed his entire body. Amazingly enough his brain was the only thing working, and somehow it was stll alive and functioning. When Steve finally woke up, he didn’t find himself in a hospital. Instead, he was in a strange dark room, but quickly he lost his balance as he wasnt used to his body for some strange reason, causing him to sit down. But that’s when he realised, he wasn’t even in his own body. “What the…?” He stuttered in a woman’s voice as he looked down at his self. A pair of boobs, soft hairless skin, delicate hands, long blonde, smooth wavy set of hair and a smaller figure. “What the hell is going on here”

He thought to himself. That’s when he looked behind him to see a young attractive woman walk into the room. “Aww you look so confused, and at the same time so pretty in all your makeup. You are probably wondering what’s going on. You see, your body was so deformed and messed up from the accident that it was no longer in use, but your brain was. So we decided to give you a brain transplant, the only problem was that this woman’s body was the only one available.” “You bitch I would rather die in my old body than be a woman!” “You see it’s comments like that which puts you into these situations. It was a good job the head surgeon of the hospital was also a member of the woman’s rights club. And she had heard all about your little comments.” “Put me back into a man’s body right now!” “I think you’re being an ‘overdramatic bitch’ yes? For anything you should be worried over the fact that you’re wearing a tight one piece outfit like that when you are on your period.” “What?” “Yeah that’s right, this woman’s body is on her period so that’s probably why you are acting like an overdramatic bitch!” Steven just sat there, giving that woman an evil look and at the same time trying to take it all in. He couldn’t believe this had happened to him.


When Barry’s wife Lynda challenged him to spend a month as a woman he had no idea just how far she would go to give him an authentic feminine experience. She made him shave his body and take good care of his skin. He had worn only panties and a bra the whole time and while at home he was always clad in her prettiest clothes. Now the month was up and it was time to revert to being a man. Barry sat in an armchair and ran his hands up and down his hairless arms and legs. He was wearing a matching set of silk peach camisole and French knickers. The cool silk felt wonderful against his skin as he looked down on his perfectly manicured and painted toenails. The faint sent of the perfume he had applied that morning filled his nostrils. He had learned a lot about being a woman over the month and had grown closer than ever to his wife. Instead of silent evenings in front of the television they now chatted all evening long, discussing fashion and recipes, gossiping about her girlfriends, planning surprise parties and shopping trips. Was he really going to give all this up? When Lynda came home later that evening she found Barry still sitting in the armchair in his lingerie. Their eyes met and she could see the pleading desperate look in his eyes. He was never going back to being a man.


You look very pretty Andrew; your breast forms look so natural. Now let’s get your dress on, Michael will be here soon. He has been begging for a threesome for some time. I asked our sisters but both declined. I even tried Brooke down the street but she said no. I mentioned to Michael that you were a feminine looking boy who likes to dress up in my clothes. So he requested that you be the second girl. So get ready, its time to lose virginity. After we have our time together, I need you to finish the laundry and clean the bathrooms. Michael and I want some alone time too.

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