Bring your daughter to work day !!

Jamie’s mother Linda was running for Governer, a position she had worked all her life to achieve, and was prepared to do whatever it took to be elected, including taking advantage of good publicity. So when Linda discovered that the Ms. Foundation was having public figures who were participating in Take Your Daughter To Work Day speak at a fundraiser, she jumped at the chance. Linda didn’t give her 18 year old son much of a choice, he had to pretend to be her daughter for the event. She told him she had already committed to it, and that if he didn’t she would be seen as a liar and never become elected. Upset, he reluctantly agreed. Excited, Linda set out to buy clothes for her “daughter” to wear.

The fundraiser went perfectly, that is until the chairman said how much she looked forward to seeing Linda and her beautiful daughter in the media in the coming month. That was when Linda and Jamie realized he was going to have to keep this up- until it was over. Unfortunately for Jamie,Linda was elected Governor and the media loved her cute daughter. In the following weeks, Linda could tell Jamie was no longer willing to shave his legs and wear heels everyday just for his mother’s job. She knew he was going to ruin everything,her political career would be over. Something had to be done. As poor Jamie sat on the edge of a palisade, watching his mother speak to a crowd, little did he know that she had made a deal with a local hospital to ensure that he was going to be her daughter indefinitely.

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