Force is Strong !!

The day was like any other. Neil was walking back home from school, ignoring the bums on the sidewalk as he always did. But there was one woman he didn’t recognize. She had approached him, warning of the dangers of enslavement to materialism, then asked him for a nickel. Not phased by this kind of shameless solicitation, he ignored her and continued home. As Neil headed to the stairs to go to his room, his mother asked if he could put some things in his sister’s room, who had moved out the year before. He grabbed the pile from her, muttering something under his breath and headed up the stairs. Neil entered her room, and after deciding where the drop the garbage, approached her closet door. But as he opened the door a strong force threw him on his back from there he was terrified to see all of his sister’s old garments flying out, circling around him!

The same force pulled his clothes violently from his body, holding out his arms and legs so couldn’t move. As Neil tried to cry for help a ribbon wrapped itself around his mouth, silencing him. Neil struggled to move as a black leotard approached him, sliding itself onto his body and zipping up his back. Various makeup utensils flew from her old vanity table and danced across his face as he held eyes closed in defense. A wig from an old costume flew onto his head, securing itself tightly. His sister’s notorious stripper boots flew from her shoe rack, slid up his legs and tightened in place. Neil was then thrown onto her coffee table. Neil immediately struggled to remove the clothing from his body,but everything was stuck firmly in place,the leotard stuck to his chest, he couldn’t pull the wig off his head, and the zippers on the boots wouldn’t budge. Frightened and exhausted, he sat back on his sister’s coffee table, trying to figure out what was happening. Meanwhile, down the road, the old woman cackled to herself,another slave to materialism.

Image Credit – AlixTg

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