Twin Trouble !!

And the winner of today’s program is Miss Annie Bellstrom winning $11,001 as well as a spot on next week’s grand final!” the announcer said, followed by a celebratory applause from the audience.Shit, I wasn’t supposed to win. I guess I got carried away.I’ve always liked these kinds of quiz competitions, but I know that I should have aimed for second place. I am not Annie, she’s my twin sister, and she’s the one supposed to be here. I am her brother, and frankly, I am in deep trouble now. This is a serious crime, isn’t it? Fuck me, why must I be such a tryhard?If they found out, I would be humiliated. If I had gotten to second place, then it’d be easier to make them think that I was my sister, I could just go home and she’d get the money to share with me. She’s the one that got chosen for the competition, but because of her critical shyness, we devised this scheme. I’d pretend to be her, get some cash answering only the easy questions, and that’d be it. We have always looked alike, even though we’re obviously not identical, and we thought it could work. No-one would have to know, it’d just be our secret.But now I actually won! And now I can’t stay hidden or quiet.People who go to the grand final, they don’t just go away.

They get featured in the Hall of Quizmasters’ as they call it,and it’s a great honour to be a supposed ‘Quizmaster,’ but this is not the outcome that i wanted! I am not my sister, I am a man! As I left the stage, my head was spinning wildly. The mix of excitement for the money, and the fact that I won, was contrasted with the fear of what was going to happen next.My fears got answered when one of the gruff and old-school producers came up to me. I swear he could have been smoking a cigar.Listen here, Missy,” he said. “We know about your sister.You’re Andy Bellstrom, aren’t you? Well, you’re in deep shit,aren’t you? Luckily for you, ‘Annie’ has proven to be very popular with our demographic. The unemployed nerds who watches this at home in their underwear have developed a certain crush for that brainy girl who gets all the questions right. You have that certain ‘girlfriend-quality.’We were thinking about including a cute assistant to the host next season, and we think you would do wonders in the that role.And as you are a proud Quizmaster, no-one could accuse us of just trying to add some sex appeal. So, Miss Annie Bellstrom. I believe you have no choice but to wear the nicest little skirts for us. This is an offer you can’t refuse.

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