Alright Missy, as per the contract that you signed, you are to stay in costume and in character for the duration of the party. Is that understood young lady?

*Groan* Yes. Mrs. Peterson

Good, this party is much larger than last time. I just hope you remember everything I’ve been teaching you at your weekly Princess Lessons. Now, recite your line.

Mrs. Peterson. I remember It fine, I don’t need to.

I said recite your lines now!!

My name is Cinderella and I am the prettiest Princess in all the land. I love being girly and wearing dresses! I just hope I can find my Prince Charming!!

That was decent, but really try and make it as girly as possible when you do it in front of the guests! There’s a big dance later loo by the way and I expect you to dance with as many male guests as possible, I’ll be watching. Some young men asked me if you were single. Maybe I will set you up on a date with one of them!!


Was this outfit really necessary? Kenny asked his sister.

Yes it is, the deal was whoever lost the bet had to be the other’s maid for the next week, and wear the outfit. You lost fair and square, his sister Bethany responded.

Ok fine but why did you have to glue breast forms to my chest, this wig to my head, and put makeup all over my face?

Did you really want to go around with just the dress on for the next week, you would look ridiculous and by the way you know we have company coming this weekend. I did you a favor by making you look like a cute girl.

I Just feel really stupid with this outfit on.

Quit complaining and get to work, you still have a lot of work to get done Kendra.

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“Oh, my GOD! Mom, that can’t be me! I mean, I know it’s me, but… it CAN’T be! Oh God, this is so weird! It’s like I’m looking at somebody else in the mirror: a girl! A really … pretty… girl. But I’m a boy! At least, … I thought I was! Mom, the guys are going to freak out! They’ll think I’m some kind of tranny or something. I’ll never live this down!”

“Nonsense, Billy. Calm down. Your friends will NOT think you’re some kind of ‘tranny’-unless you TELL them you let your mother the hairdresser give you a complete makeover. You said it yourself, sweetie: it’s like looking at somebody else – a very beautiful young woman in her twenties. Now, who would ever suspect that such a lovely and extremely feminine looking young lady was really a boy? Believe me, darling–no one will ever guess. Now, can we please get on with the photo shoot before you mess up all my hard work?”


I know your nervous Josh; this is your first time and it must feel weird now that you’re actually here. It was a shock to you when you saw yourself dressed for the first time, Heck even I didn’t think you’d look this hot! But relax baby, you best get used to it, looking like that you’re going to get lots of male attention. This may have been an experiment for you but for me this is my birthday and Christmas all come at once! If you think you’re backing out now then think again. Now it’s time to show me what a cute, little thing like you can do with those lips…

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