“Would it hurt you to smile a bit, Christina? You’ll never make any friends when you look so down all the time!”

I glanced over at Ashley “Really? You’re asking me why I’m not looking happy? Maybe it’s the whole ‘you look like a girl now, deal with it’ thing. Maybe it’s the fact that I have barely any money left after that shopping spree yesterday?”

Ashley looked hurt. “How could you even complain about that! I picked you out the best wardrobe a woman could ever want! Anyway, enough about your face. We’re going out.”

That caught me off guard. “Where to?”

“I got invited out to a party later tonight. You’re my plus one!”

WHAT! A party! I can’t pull this look off while out all evening! “Err, Ashley… I don’t thi-“

“I don’t care what you think. We’re going to the party. If it makes you feel any better, then you can act like you’re… I don’t know… my cousin from out of town. Now get ready.”

I sighed. There’s no way I could weasel my way out of this. “Fine. I’ll go to the stupid party. ONE condition though. I get to choose everything that I wear out.”

“Deal” she replied.

2 hours later, the sun started to go down. Looks like it was time to go. Ashley and I met up in the hallway next to the door.

“Wow Christina! I’m surprised you chose such a revealing dress! I didn’t think you had it in you!”

“Well, I thought that if I was going to do this, I may as well do it right”

 “Excellent”, said Ashley. “And Christina? Remember to smile!”


Here’s the wonderful thing about the Drama club. They are experts on makeup and experts on acting. So when they told our peeping tom his only way out was to do their photo shoot, he jumped on their opportunity. He was sick and tired of all this doll bullshit, it had been over an entire day that he’s had makeup on! He wants to get back in his own shoes. However, he did not know the photo shoot was wedding themed. Sure enough, they made him a believable bride, while taking plenty of pictures and snapchats of course! His life was ruined, EVERYONE has seen these videos by now.

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Not many boys look forward to getting Tiresias disease which starts to alter chromosomes causing a full sex change within months. It sucked trust me. There was still no cure and I was forced to accept the fact that l was going to have to live as a girl. Like many guys who were diagnosed, I thought I was still going to date girls after my transition. I can tell you that once you have a bunch of female hormones running through your system and you start thinking like a girl, things change. Jordan and I are going on six months right now and I couldn’t be happier He makes me feel like a queen.


Who is the lucky guy?”

“My friend Alex. He is going to freak out when he sees how pretty I look”

“Yes, he’ll adore you like a princess! these hair extensions are top quality but remember to come here tomorrow super early before school on Monday so I can take them out”

“I may just leave them in”

“Aren’t you doing this just for the dance?”

“I don’t know Jasmine, I was pissed at first when I lost the bet on which one of us was going to have to dress as a girl for the Valentine’s Day dance, But after some practice sessions having my sister do my makeup and wearing dresses, I Kind of like it”

“Yah girl Embrace it. How do you feel about your friend?”

“No feelings, but I kind of want him to think I am hot. What is that called?”

“Being a girl.”

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