1) – SAY MY NAME!!

“Man, that hypnotist was lame. “Josh laughed, walking into the apartment he shared with his friend. “Like did he really think he could turn me into a girl?”

“Yeah, pretty crazy stuff.” Greg smirked, eyeing his feminized friend up and down and licking his lips. “Molly, why don’t you get us a couple drinks and then come sit with me on the couch.” As soon as the name Molly was spoken, Josh’s eyes glazed over and Greg had full control over him.

 “I would love to sweetie, be right back.”

Smiling to himself Greg watched Josh femininely sit down next to him with the drinks in hand. “Molly, you just love to wear tights and heels.”

“Oh yes, they are my favorite thing to wear for sure. I love to wear dresses and skirts too. “Josh giggled, snuggling up closer to Greg.

Looking into Josh’s eyes, Greg could tell his friend was still in there, desperate to free himself “Molly, you Just love to give bj.” 


When I got to my university dorm, I was pleased to see that my flat mates were three other girls. I say, ‘other girls’, because I’m a sissy girl. I had been dressing fem for about four months, so it was nice to have some girls to share clothes with and makeup tips. Plus, we could talk about any hot guys we had class with. On the first night of moving in, Sarah and Lauren, two of my flat mates, knocked on my door. They asked if I wanted to go out clubbing with them. I didn’t hesitate in saying yes. After 3 hours of getting ready and downing pre-drinks, we got into the taxi and headed to town. As soon as I set foot into the club, I felt like I was the center of attention.

With my black miniskirt dress and my long, smooth legs on show, we soon got talking to three guys. Before I knew it, I had had about 2 bottles of wine and too many shots to count, all paid for by these hot guys. Soon enough, my head started to spin a little, and with the help of one of the guys, I stumbled across the dance floor and fell onto a red leather sofa. The guy who helped me, his name was Charlie. He took a couple of selfies, and then took one of me. I just couldn’t stop smiling at how cute he was! I told him to sit down next to me, and I quickly put my hand on his face and kissed him. As I then leant back again, he leaned forward and slowly moved his hand up my leg until he firmly grasped my butt. My heart was racing as I began to stroke his manhood through his jeans.

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Nick walked up the brick walkway to the school, expertly maneuvering his high heeled feet to avoid tripping. He paused at the sidewalk for a small break, the cool breeze teasing his stockinged legs as he thought back, to his situation. Unable to get a job as a male teacher, he had devised a plan to gain employment as the opposite gender. As a woman called Kate. To his surprise, after countless days of practicing with his older sister in all things feminine, he had succeeded in landing a job. A full time job! That was just over a year ago… and needless to say, things had gotten a lot more complicated. To start, he now had a boyfriend, the principle of the school. He had found out about Nick and had used the situation to his sexual benefit. To top it all off, he was not allowed to wear pants. It had to be little skirts or dresses. Sighing to himself as he opened the classroom door and walked in, he wondered if it had all be worth it.


“ You look pretty cute in that hat”, said Dave with a cheeky smile across his face. Josh couldn’t believe the situation he was in. His friend caught him by surprise and placed a magical hat on his head which immediately transformed him into a girl with an unbearably feminine outfit to match his new body. The changes also seemed to affect his mentality as well. Not only did she feel completely weak and vulnerable, but now she even fancied the son of a bitch who put him in this predicament. Josh realized that this was all because of the hat, so removing the hat would undo this practical joke.

“Nah ah ah, cooed Dave, placing his hand firmly on Josh’s cursed hat, holding it in place on “her” new head. “If you remove any piece of clothing within the next 12 hours, you’ll be stuck in that cursed body forever. However, I understand that all you need to do to return back to normal is to stay dressed for the duration of the spell, but what if this little hat were to slip of your head at this very moment?’.

With that, Josh rushed her hands to her head to secure the hat, trying to regain control.

”wh…, but why?” Josh stuttered, completely taken aback by her new voice.

 ’’Remember that stinking old hag* Josh? She was my mother, and a crafty witch for that matter”. “Call it justice if you may, but I’m enjoying your suffering a little too much. You’re so timid and shy right now that you can’t even look me in the eyes without blushing.” Josh couldn’t believe her old friend turned on him, let alone that he now turned her on. “Do you think you can last the day? I don’t think so. Especially with a love spell that strong.”

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