’’Just hurry’ up and take the picture Aunt Helen.”

“Now just calm down, you said you would help me advertise these dresses for Prom and we can’t rush through this.”

“I agreed to pass out flyers or clean your shop or something, I didn’t think it would be this! You can’t tell anyone! Thank goodness I’m unrecognizable with this makeup and hair.”

“What? Dear, that’s part of the advertising campaign to get the people in. My dresses are so beautiful and perfect, they can even make a boy look fantastic.”

“No! Everyone at school will know!”

“I think this will help you make plenty’ of new friends. Now go change into the next dress, we only have 19 more to go.”


David was getting very fed up with this vacation. His mother and him had taken the trip to Italy to visit some distant relatives. However, on the plane ride over, David’s mom gave him some surprising news. Seems that the relatives here thought that he was a young woman named Tara. She had told them that while she was pregnant with David and thought he would be born a girl. Well when he wasn’t his mother didn’t have the heart to tell them otherwise. So now, David would have to be Tara for the next three weeks.

At the airport, before the family could see them, his mother rushed David off to the washroom and started his transformation. His long hair was easily styled, and with a little make-up, a bra and some polished nails, Tara was born. Tara had to admit that the trip had been pretty good so far, and he was almost having a good time. But then along came Antonio, who kept making advances on Tara. Finally, Tara ran off and walked alone amongst the hills, trying to sort out his mixed emotions. Tara was becoming too real.

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You’re a dreadful stepmother, you know that! You were supposed to be here with me at the hearing in Juvenile Court all day today!

Terribly sorry about that, umm Drew? Being from Europe, I read the summons to say that I had to be here with you on July 6, not June 7. Silly metric system vs English colonial days!

Aren’t you even going to ask what happened to me seeing as I look like a fashionable teenage girl instead of a rebellious young man?

l actually think I have a pretty good idea what happened, but I’d like to hear it from you.

Since I had no representation, I had to throw myself at the mercy of the court. The beauty school I vandalized said that they wouldn’t press charges: if I agreed to a few things they would place into a legal, binding contract in lieu of me getting jail time or probation.

And you pigheadedly jumped to sign every document they provided without reading it? I must say they did a great job on your new look. Perhaps I should change stylists!

Not funny! I’m to be their model dummy for the next semester and maybe stay on as a student at their finishing school if I want to.

That would explain the weird text message I received an hour ago. “Congrats on your daughter’s acceptance. Tell her ‘Cheerio’.”

Oh Mumsy! Can I please attend the academy? I promise to be a good girl and totally posh!


Oh yes! She’ll take it! Such a pretty dress! Perfect for her junior prom!’

Thanks Mrs. Clark, and I must admit I was skeptical at first when I heard what you wanted me to make for your husband! But he did make your daughter cry when he saw her in the dress, I made for her!

She cried for a day! Yes, he had to be taught a lesson! Yes, my friend Harriet from the salon next door did wonders with him.

Why your 28-year-old husband looks just darling as a 19 year old girl! By the way, does your husband, or ‘Becky’ as he is now dressed, need a date? I have a nephew about ‘her’ age! Yes? Nice!

Brent will be so happy to have a date! He is awfully shy around girls and has a lot of pimples! Glad Becky will be his date! Shall I escort them at the prom? I heard you were away that night? Okay, I’ll do it. Becky will be looking so cute for her date! I’ll take lots of pictures for you!’

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