3 Wishes !!

Rob and Steve were ecstatic when they found the magic lamp- the chance to have three wishes granted for them would be the best thing to ever happen to them. As Rob was the one who actually discovered it, they agreed he would get two of three- and he could go first. “I wish for ten million dollars,” Rob said, and instantly several packages of bills miraculously appeared on the table in their apartment. He smiled wide and passed the lamp to his roommate. Steve, thinking more creatively, wished for the most attractive body in all of Philadelphia.

But suddenly he felt something very wrong- his body turned into that of a sexy blonde woman! Rob’s jaw dropped, and Steve began to panic in fright. “Shit! I can’t believe this!” Steve pouted in a new, high- pitched voice. “Why would it turn me into a woman? Use your next wish to change me back!” he pleaded. Still staring at his new body, Rob weighed the outcome in his head. “Sorry man,” Rob thought, before quickly saying “I wish for one thousand pounds of gold!” And as it appeared behind Steve, his face went from that of panic to utter disbelief. Speechless, he just held the straps containing his now massive breasts. His best friend had just condemned him to womanhood for the rest of his life.


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