It was a freak accident. I was visiting Japan on business when I got t-boned by a Mercedes. turns out, the driver of that car was a famous pop dancer. I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t drinking a little, I was. So, naturally, the insurance, which I couldn’t pay, was on me. But her Agent offered me another way out of this tight situation. Using an experimental treatment, they could use me to jumpstart her. The cost would be that I would be in control of the body. I would become her. If I did this for them, they would drop all criminal charges. I agreed, despite my better judgement. I didn’t know the first thing about being a celebrity, let alone, an expert dancer. They did the procedure, and it worked with complete success.

I was going to have one hell of a headache, but it worked, everything was so different, the way my new body moved, felt, and the centre of gravity was completely different. Muscle memory helped me adjust to the mannerisms, but weeks of physical therapy was needed. Well, that was two years ago. I’m living full time as this star and loving it. Everything is great, and something about this body’s hormones just makes me enjoy the looks I get even more enjoyable. I mean, how often does someone get to say ’’yeah, I’m living the life of a superstar. Literally.’’ I still drink, since it seems she liked it as well. Drinking helps to sleep with other men. Initially, I was sceptical about sleeping with men but now I just love it. I sleep with different men every day. Life is good!!


You look so beautiful honey, when I said I wanted to buy you a new wardrobe for Christmas, I meant some new suits, shirts, maybe some ties and shoes. But when you came downstairs dressed as Christine, I knew what you really wanted. I have not seen Christine since before we were married. You told me that you have suppressed your cross-dressing but I see now that you have doing it all along behind my back. I must admit, I’ve been suspicious of all those packages you’ve received. You look very happy, now let’s go do some damage to our credit cards and meet cute boys!!

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Freshmen college roommates Stuart and Andrew never got along; they were always in the Principle’s room complaining about something. Both had requested room reassignment but were denied every time; the university’s policy was they should be able to work their differences out. The arguing went through the first semester and into the second just before spring break. Stuart was dressed as a girl for a Halloween party and both the roommates got super drunk that night. One thing led to another and they ended up making out that night. Since that night, the two roommates have never fought once. And from time to time, they would recreate that magical night.

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