“Seriously, sis, stop tugging on my dress! You’re going to stretch it out; besides, it looks perfect!”

“Easy for you to say, Becca! If you hadn’t turned me into a girl with that stupid amulet, I wouldn’t even be wearing your dress in the first place!”

“Oh, don’t be so whiny, Bella! You’re wearing my dress in the first place because we’re totally going to get first place in the costume contest tonight!”

“Your logic train has derailed, you know that? I mean, besides the fact that it is super weird being in your body and still looking at you, us now being twins isn’t exactly a costume. Even if you manage to convince everyone that I’m dressed up as you, we’re both just wearing normal clothes — normal for a girl, that is, which I am not, so please change me back into myself and stop calling me Bella!”

“No can do, sister: you’re stuck that way until the morning, and you don’t look like a ‘Chad’ now!”


I still can’t believe you agreed to become my little sissy bridesmaid. And to think…I nearly married you. What an escape. It must be quite humiliating to watch me marry a real man. While you stand there, soft skirts caressing your dainty legs. Reminding you that you’ll never be man enough for any woman. I can’t wait to watch you dance with the best man later…

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“Time to wake up, sleepy! C’mon, let’s go, girl!”

Ungh…okay, I’m g–wha…what’s wrong with my voice…?”

“Your voice? I guess that would depend on your perspective of the situation, really. Personally, I find high, lilting sopranos very cute, but it’s true that you might have to work harder to avoid the airhead stereotype that tends to come with it.”

“Lindsey…? What’s going on? Why am I a girl?!”

“Good question! Unfortunately, I can’t answer it. Well, not beyond a particular level of certainty, anyway…after all, you did wish on that shooting star last night, but you wouldn’t tell me what you wished, so…yeah. But I can only assume that y-“

“I didn’t wish to turn into a chick, Lindsey! Jeez!”

“Good thing, too! You know, you might’ve ended up a fuzzy little barnyard baby or something!”

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