Alabama would be the last place you would think that Hooters restaurant would try their new marketing idea. They were aware of all the blogs that had men wishing they were Hooters waitresses. When they opened their new store in Huntsville, AL; the results were better than anyone could have imagined. All servers are sissy boys, even the kitchen help and busboys (err bus sissies) all wear the same uniform. Only open for a few months, their sales are 1500% better than the next closest. Hooters plans on opening 50 new stores like the one in Huntsville in 2020.


Love really is blind. Before the Great Shift of 2019, Steve was a professional bodybuilder and his wife Amy was the local weather girl. As you can see, Steve was put in the body young blonde with a killer body and Amy, well you can see. Both love each other very much and won’t let looks separate them.


He loved working from home because he could enjoy the fetishes that he couldn’t do in an office-setting like wearing high heels and long hair extensions and wearing cute dresses. He could wear all the beautiful things he wanted within the privacy of his home. One day he while he was deciding what heels to wear; he decided to put on a cute thin strapped 5-inch black heels. A rare choice given the fact that they were two sizes too small due to a typo when ordering them online. To get them on he applied some lubricant to help his feet slide into them. But it wasn’t until the end of the day when he realized that the lubricant he used was actually some industrial super strength glue his landlord gave him to glue a broken tile in the bathroom.

In a panic he began to attempt to pull his heels off but failed, his heels were stuck on him due to the glue having all day to set, his feet were trapped. Tomorrow he has to go to the mall to get some supply for work. What was he going to do??? As to avoid looking like some like of freak in public, he decided he has to dress like a girl when he goes out, at least no one would recognize him. So the next morning he waxed his whole body, put his hair extensions in, also put on a cute little golden dress and some matching panties in case the wind came, and applied a little make-up including some pink nail polish. And off he went…That was 2 weeks ago. This is “Jasmine” as “she” goes by now. Waiting by the bus-stop, due to the fact that “she” finds it a little tricky driving in heels.

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