A joke is a joke, but this was going way too far. Joe had been caught with his secretary and now his wife had photos and video of the affair. She chided him for taking advantage of a young innocent girl and demanded that he dress up as a woman for 24 hours to learn what its like to be a girl in a mans world. She started on him at 8 am, full body shave, make up wig glued on to his shaved head, push up bra, pantyhose, tiny nothing panties and once he was done she had him practice his walking in impossibly high heels. It helped there was platform but they made him swivel his hips like some chick .Once she was dressed, they left the safety of their house and went down to of all places the bar where his office men hung out. As he sat on the bar stool, men kept coming over to him asking to buy him a drink.

He kept saying no thank you, but when he turned around, he saw his wife coming over with of all people his boss, Ken, and Bob from accounting. She was being very friendly to Ken, hugging and snuggling up to him He had heard rumours about Bob being gay or something Bob has the biggest smile on his face. Being Friday night, all the office people relaxed at the bar. His wife kissed Ken softly, and then took Bob’s hand and put it in Joes. She introduced Joe as Joanna her special friend from college. She then said that given that Joanna was new to the city, that she and Bob should get to know each other. As the night progressed Bob and Joanna got very friendly on the dance floor. Joe’s wife said that since everyone was getting along so well, maybe they should head up to the Corporate suite to continue for the weekend .

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