24 Hours !!

Yes, I am wearing the dress I said on the phone And, no, I am not feeling comfortable. I should never have agreed to take it this far, but what choice did I have? Waking up in a hotel room fully made-over and with this blonde wig glued to my scalp leaves me with very few options. The deal was simple. They got to do whatever they wanted with me for 24 hours and then they would leave me be. All the evidence they had to blackmail me with would go away. They would go away. Whatever they had planned it must be better than spending the rest of my life being extorted. I never agreed to act as if I like it. I said impatiently. But I will do as you say. Just to get it over with I never thought that I was a bad guy. Sure, I did a lot of illegal things, but it was from behind my monitor. It is easy to separate yourself from your victims in that situation. But what made things worse was when I attempted to cover things up.

If I had just given myself into the authorities I wouldn’t be in this mess. No, I got my punishment from these supposed ‘activists.” Just a bunch of mad vigilantes with power fantasies. How better to humiliate a powerful man other than making him dress like some bombshell about to go on a date. Yes… I used the special lotions,” l said. “And the douche. Humiliation isn’t even the right word. I don’t know what they did, but my manhood has never looked smaller. I tried everything, but with how I am looking and the fact that I had to rub it like a girl would only seem to make it even smaller. Then they expected me to use all these feminine hygiene products? They might as well hand me a packet of tampons at this point. I don’t know what kind of lesson they are trying to teach me, but they sure are hammering it in. “No, no! I never agreed to that!” I said. “You can’t possibly. I agreed to 24 hours, but now I am worried that they aren’t going to play fair. Why would they?

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