The Key to being a Man again !!

“Shit, shit, where the hell is it?” Calvin panicked as he searched through the books. He had just heard his mom’s car pull into the driveway, prompting him to scurry over to the bookshelf and retrieve the key for his bodysuit that he hid. But it wasn’t there. Without it he wouldn’t be able to get the suit off. Why was she coming home so early?? He had bought the suit weeks earlier off the Internet, and had been using it after he got home from school before his mother came home. He always had several hours to mess around before she returned, but today she arrived just after he put it on and now he couldn’t take it off! What was he going to do when she came in Unknown to Calvin, his mother Gloria was wise to his little perversion.

She had been checking his search history and knew exactly what he was up to and needless to say, she did not approve.All she needed to do was catch him in the act to deliver his punishment, and she found the perfect opportunity when she discovered the key Calvin had thought he hid. She took it with her on her way to work, and looked forward to delivering out his punishment when she got home. But as the day went on, Gloria had a better idea which was to hold on to the key and keep her son in the suit. Humiliation was the best educator, and he was going to have a lot of it. Eager to teach him a lesson, she put the key in her desk drawer and left work early. Meanwhile, Calvin frantically searched in vain. He was going to be caught, be told there was no way out, and to get used to being Cally for a while- because Gloria wasn’t sure when she was going to let him out.

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