Negotiating with Girlfriend !!

Jake sat pensively outside the bank. Last night he had gone to bed with his girlfriend Naomi like any other, but this morning he was horrified to find that he had awoken in her body! Terrified, Jake searched the apartment for her, but she- who he had to assume was in his own body now- was nowhere to be found.That was when she finally called him on his cell. She had finally found out. His secret relationship with Lindsey wasn’t as secret as he thought; Naomi had discovered everything and more. Their swap was no accident, she had done it on purpose; he didn’t know how, but she did. Now she was in control. And for the first time in his adult life, he was scared. She had told him to go down to the bank with her bag and wait for her call. With no other choice, Jake wobbled his way to the bank in the only clothes she had left at his apartment.

When he got there he sat on a bench outside, waiting anxiously. Finally, her phone rang. “Now listen carefully,” Jake heard his own voice tell him. “You’re going to go into that bank, open your safety deposit box, and empty it’s contents into my bag. You’l then bring it back to your apartment and leave. When I see that you’ve done this, l’lI change you back. But don’t take too long… I might change my mind.” With that, she hung up. Naomi knew he had kept most of his savings in that box! If he gave it all to her he would be financially screwed! And what if she was lying- what if she didn’t give him his body back? Why else would she make the threat?Shaking,Jake called her back, hoping to apologize- or negotiate. But she wasn’t answering. He would have to make a choice- trust her and lose his wealth, or call her bluff and pray she didn’t really want his body instead of hers.

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