Fixing a Problem !!

Homosexuality was, to say the least, frowned upon on the ranch. And due to the reactionary policies and lack of authority in the hills, actions were often taken too far. So when a couple cowboys found out that the newcomer Lucas was homosexual , they put a plan together to fix the problem.One unsuspecting afternoon Lucas was ambushed by several of the boys- after some deragatory insults they over-powered him, one boy holding him in a headlock. “Don’t worry boy, we’re gonna take you to the city and fix your problem,” he laughed. “Couple a’ doctors owe the Cattleman a favor, see, and I think it’s time we used it,” he added, before another boy put a rag over his face, quickly knocking him unconscious.

When Lucas eventually awoke, he found himself in the field not far from the ranch. But it didn’t take him long to discover the drastic changes that had been made to his body- sizeable breasts were now attached to his chest, and a terrifying smoothness between his legs confirmed his worst fear- they had somehow taken his manhood, and outfitted his body with the appropriate clothing to prove it. He stood up and shouted out in horror, but no one was around to hear his feminine yelling.Luca would later discover that the boys, who hadn’t been seen on the ranch in some time, had spotted her gay twin brother Brett, thinking she was him. They had captured the wrong brother- and skipped town after they realized their mistake.But Luca was the one that was going to have to live with the consequences.

Pc – AlixTg

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