A True Warrior !!

There are many tales of heroism and valour from the dim times, from before recorded history,tales passed down in song, tales of mighty warriors and evil wizards, but no story is as glorious as that of the Lady Rhiannon.She was the rarest of beasts, a woman as adept with a sword as any man, as well she might be for she had been born Morgath, Prince of Dinvale and heir to the crowns of three kingdoms. Morgath was a fair man, and the people of Dinvale were peaceful and good, but this did not protect them when the wardogs of Nyx struck.They fought valiantly, but just when they were on the cusp of victory the wizards of Nyx cast a terrible enchantment, turning every man into a woman.This treacherous sorcery was enough to turn the tide, and the forces of Nyx soon conquered Dinvale. The menfolk, now womenfolk, of Dinvale were either slaughtered or taken into slavery…all except Morgath.Despite his new form he battled his way out of the city, killing dozens of wardogs in the process.

When he had finally reached the distant hills he looked back at the city in flames and renounced his title, and his name, christening himself Rhiannon from that day forth until he was able to free his land.For the next five years Rhiannon’s name was sung throughout the land, and wherever evil and darkness attacked, Rhiannon was waiting. She saved thousands of lives, slayed hundreds of evildoers, drank many a man under the table and wooed many more into her bed.Eventually she allied herself with King Grun, who was handsome as he was noble, and together they led the attack that liberated Dinvale, and ensured that every servant of Nyx was destroyed.With the wizards of Nyx no more, Grun’s mage was able to reverse the spell and return every male inhabitant of Dinvale to their original gender.All except one.Rhiannon refused. In order to secure the freedom of Dinvale, and also because she had fallen in love with him,Rhiannon laid down her sword and pledged herself to Grun as his queen. She never fought again, but was a loving and loyal wife, bearing Grun seven children during a long and happy marriage.

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