A lot of it is lighting and camera angles,” Gabe said blushing. “I don’t actually look that good.”We were talking on the phone, so I couldn’t see what Gabe looked like in person, but judging from this video I don’t think the lighting mattered at all. My friend had gotten dressed up like this, wearing a wig and a pair of false breasts, for a bet.No-one had expected him to actually look good.I was undoubtedly stunned.”Look at how I am walking,” Gabe said, trying to fill the silence between us. “I really look awkward. But we’re gonna win this bet, right?” I was suddenly struck with immense feelings of guilt. I was a friend of Gabe, and we’ve been friends for almost a decade.Since we were kids! I know that I shouldn’t lie to him, and that should tell him how completely passable he looks, but..I started thinking about the bet.We were going to share the money, and there was a lot of money on the table.

If Gabe agreed to come to work dressed as a girl for the whole month,we’d win. Sure, it was a little bit unfair that I didn’t have to do something humiliating, but I have a lot of responsibilities at the office. Gabe, frankly, is just a glorified coffee-fetcher.”Dude,” Gabe said. “This is getting awkward with you not saying anything. Are you still there?”Somehow it’d be less humiliating for Gabe if he didn’t look so good. It’d be much more obviously a joke if he looked awful.He could easily explain it to our co-workers and everything would get back to normal after the month’s over. But now? if he comes to work everyday looking like some hot girl, then I’m not sure if he’ll ever be able to go back. People will realise just how much Gabe was meant to be a woman, and his reputation as a man will be completely shattered. Especially with some of the jerks we work for. I don’t believe they would care that Gabe is a man, they’d flirt with him relentlessly.They’d make him feel totally emasculated. But… I can’t just ignore the money.”Oh, yeah! Sorry, man. You definitively don’t look like a real girl,”I lied. “But we’ll win the bet for sure. Trust me, man.Everyone will think you are real cool for doing this.”

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