Witness Protection !!

It’s not the end of the world. Just ’cause I happen to look a lot different it is not as if I have a reason to give up. I just like lying on this floor.I am not being panicked. Things will work out.I knew what I was doing, when I put on the disguise that very first time. It wasn’t fun, going from being a young man to being a middle-aged “cougar.” Picking up the right mannerisms,learning how make-up works, and needed to keep my body smooth and hairless.There was a lot of things to get right, but I had little choice in the matter. I needed the perfect disguise. I needed to stay safe and hidden, because the people I had pissed off would go to any lengths to have me killed.People have heard the term “witness protection” before, but few knows what actually goes on. I met all these “experts,” a whole lot of geeks frankly, who calculated what would be the best and most optimal new identity for me. Being told that with my physical profile I’d easily be able to pass as a 40 year old woman was a big blow to my masculine sense of self-worth.

I had just graduated from college, for God’s sake.My new identity was to become that of a recently divorced woman living in the suburbs. It was a mostly affluent life, but I had to remember a whole lot about a life that had never been mine. What it was like growing up twenty years before I was born. What my husband had been like. What certain “feminine life experiences are like.At first this was supposed to be a temporary disguise, but with the legal process taking ages I’ve now been told that I am going to stay like this “indefinitely.” All my friends are other middle-aged women taking pride in being “cougars on the prowl.” I cannot find enough excuses to stay single any more. And maybe it’d just be for the best if I found some young stud to date. I think I’ve forgotten how to be one myself.

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