Dolled Up as a Girl to help his Wife !!

Darren lay sprawled on the bed in a hot red cocktail dress that no man could ignore. He watched in fear as the man came over to the bed. His heart was thumping and his mind raced. What was he going to do? This had all been his wife’s idea but it wasn’t supposed to go this far.When his wife Sarah had been fired by her boss for finding out that he was cheating on his wife she decided to get revenge by trying to get photographs of him cheating. The problem was she could never know where he would meet his dates so she convinced Darren to dress as a woman and seduce her former boss at the bar he liked to visit.

Darren reluctantly agreed and dressed in a long red dress and red heels,he was turning every head in the room. It wasn’t long before the former boss made his move. Darren was so caught up in being wined and dined that he didn’t protest when the date moved to a hotel room. Now as Darren watched the man unbutton his shirt he knew he was in trouble. If the boss got as far as the red lace panties he was wearing the game would be up. Darren had to think of an excuse to leave but now he could feel a hand on his leg stroking his knees.Darren was in for a wild night.

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