You can take my Manhood,but not my Spirit !!

Okay, Mike, you need to keep focused. Keeping looking forward.I can’t walk in heels, but this isn’t walking. This is strutting down the catwalk, and I’ve been taught how to do that. One feet in front of the other. Legs straight. My arms feels numb, but they are not flailing around like before. I look the part, so everything is fine. It’s going to work out just fine.Soon I’ll get the money those bitches owe me. This stupid bet wasn’t worth it, but at least I’ll be able to come out on top. Yep,you couldn’t break me now, girls. You were all so convinced that this little junior intern would crumble underneath your collective femininity. You’d dress him up like some sort of sissy then hope he’d break down and cry. Whatever your end goal was, I beat you.I’ve never been interested in the great world of fashion. But I’m a go-getter, and I know where there is opportunity. Those big fashion designers are rich bastards, and I want my slice of that cake.I was prepared to work my way up the ranks from the bottom.But I didn’t consider being put alongside this group of girls.

They took a great pleasure in emasculating me. Treating me like their little pet. What they didn’t know is that I’ve been in a fraternity.I know what hazing is, and they would not get to me got annoyed when one of them said that I’d look better dressed in her clothes than the “boring” boy clothes l insist on wearing. Maybe I got a little “verbally abusive,”but it is not as if I’d ever act violently. I am not a tough guy. I am a smart guy. You see, I talk, not punch, my way forward.But rather than having this promising internship cancelled I agreed to this ridiculous set-up. They’d get a month of doing whatever they wanted to me, and in return they’d tell the higher ups about how well I’ve been performing. Fine, I thought.I didn’t realise that they’d take things this far.They are making me participate in the show as one of the models! And this corset is crushing my waist. I can barely breathe! But I know that I am acing it. Yep, I can see it in their eyes.I am the freaking best girl on the catwalk.

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